X10 Information


X10 is an industry standard protocol for controlling devices like lamps and appliances in the home over existing house wiring. This system allows the addition of automation to any house without the need for installing specialized wiring.

It's not necessary to understand how X10 operates in order to understand and use Zeus. Any house with normal house wiring will support X10 with no modifications. Most modules simply plug into existing outlets. Other modules can replace normal wall switches or outlets. These are optional and can be installed by anyone who has ever changed a wall switch.

House and Code Unit

The only information about X10 needed to operate X10 devices, or to use the Zeus software, is an understanding of the House Code Unit Code concept. The combination of House/Unit code gives each X10 device a unique address much like the street address of your house. House Codes range from A to P and Unit Codes range from 1 to 16. This provides 256 possible addresses.

Many X10 controllers work on only one House Code at a time. If you want to regularly control devices on different House Codes you need to switch House Codes or have multiple controllers set to different House Codes. The Zeus software supports all 256 House/Unit Codes combinations and eliminates this requirement. Every device is easily accessible and controllable.