Help for Zeus Web Features

The current version of Zeus contains two web-based features, an online version of the Activity Log and a new web Browser Interface for viewing status or controlling Zeus from any browser.

Since these are new features, we have created these help pages for getting started using them.

First Step, Run a Web Server

In order to use the new web features of Zeus, you must be running a web server. You can use any web server you choose such as Microsoft IIS, Microsoft Personal Web Server, or many others. The popular Apache server is now available for the Windows platform for free.

If you aren't currently running a web server, you can run the "mini" web server that is included with Zeus. Follow the web server start up instructions for getting it up and running.

Configure Zeus

After you have a web server running and tested, the next step is to configure Zeus for the web-based features. At this point it is assumed that you already have Zeus configured and running your automation devices. We may add some pages like these for the basic configuration of Zeus, but for now you'll need to use the built-in Windows Help files to setup and configure Zeus, if you haven't already done so.

After Zeus is set up and running your automation devices there are a couple additional settings for the web-based features. Visit the Zeus Web Configuration page to see how to do this part.

Setup the Web Interface Applet

The last step in configuring the Web Interface is to configure the Web Interface Applet itself. Go to the Web Interface configuration page for details.

Test the Web Interface

The last thing left to do is to test the Web Interface to make sure it works.